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Editorials - When Context Matters!

A recent article appeared in in the Financial Review and the Domain and several other papers written by a Prestige Property Reporter that certainly got me some attention. While I love attention it is generally for my quirky communication style, my long hair and my bare feet....oh and the results I achieve in Real Estate!

The Article then popped up in loads of different places and attracted a lot of attention so I thought that it is prudent to clarify and give some context to the situation and the conversation with the reporter. The phone call was months prior to the Article appearing and the lack of clothes and having a drink was in reference to being locked up in Hotel Quarantine for 14 days in Sydney. It was during Quarantine that the deal was done and the property sold sight unseen for $12,500,000.

Never let the truth get in the way of good story......said every journalist ever!!

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