Parkinson is a local, boutique real estate agency. We believe our clients are the most important people we know. Our business stands on personal integrity and our strength is the relationships we build with you.

We are passionate about people and property. Our commitment is to make the process of selling, buying or leasing your property a little bit different and a whole lot better. And with our results being the envy of the industry, we would love to make sure your next property move is the best it can be.

Parkinson is proudly independent. We are not aligned with any large franchise group. 


Many people know us from the old Electra bike that has hung from our office balcony for a decade. For us the Parkinson bike represents a new way, a more efficient way. And now more than ever, we will be recognised for just that.

It's Something different. It’s reared up, dynamic and unique.

All of these qualities we believe represent the Parkinson Property style and service. You have more choice of direction when you go by bike. Some people have called it Wheel Estate. We call it freedom. You also might notice, that it is our sales director Frank Mlikota's transport of choice too.



One of our greatest joys is selling your property. We give it our all and feel privileged you have given us an important part of your life to look after. So we like to thank you, by giving you a part of our life to look after in return. That's why at Parkinson, when we sell your house, we give you our bike. Well a brand new version of our bike as a prezzie (we reckon it's better that flowers, and goes down hills faster!)